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$16 could make 30 minis for international(with access code)or 100-166mins for domestic
PIN numbers will be delivered to your E-mail address after you submit the order
Every $16 refill card give 6 months service life, 5 cards can last 30 months.
Refillchinasim.com offers Recharge airtime service to all china mobile sim cards and China Unicom SIM cards, airtime will be added to your cell phone remotely upon your request to make sure your sim card account has enough credit. No PIN #, No hassle, No cutting off calls anymore. No matter where you get your sim card, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou or anywhere in china and no matter where you travel to, we can add airtime for you remotely. It is CONVENIENT & RELIABLE
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China Mobile recharge online service Features:
  The no hassle communication service promises you to be reached anywhere anytime.
  Wherever you go, find the "right" recharge card with our mobile recharge SIM card.
  Enjoy the original airtime rate of your SIM card.
  No hidden cost will be charged for this recharge voucher.
  Easy payment via credit card.
  Customer care policy for mobile recharge service all the time; recharging is only in the due time.
  24/7 English customer service available, you can talk to us if you have any other problems.
China Mobile Recharge Service Help Center  
  1. What is Refillchinasim China Mobile Recharge Service?
  2. Which SIM card can apply for China Mobile Recharge Service?
  3. If I am not Refillchinasim Customer, can I recharge my SIM card here?
  4. If my SIM card provider recommend us come here, what¡¯s the different on the Mobile recharge service?
  5. How can I apply for China Mobile Recharge service?
  6. What is the ID number? What can it do for me?
  7. If my recharge service fails, would Refillchinasim refund my money?
  8. If my recharge service fails, When the refunded money come back?
  9. If I apply for the service, how much should I recharge each time?
Airtime Solution
  Remember one thing! When you have purchased mobile recharge online service, it doesn¡¯t mean the airtime rate you enjoy now is changed. You still will be charged according to your China SIM card airtime rate no matter it is domestic calls or international calls.
Average Airtime Rate
  Airtime Rates In China:  
  Incoming Calls $0.10-$0.24/min
  International Calls to USA/Canada $0.48-$0.52/min
  International Calls to other countries $0.84-$0.87/min
  Domestic Calls $0.10-$0.24.min
  The international calling rates are for calls using access rate. Calling direct will incur higher rates.
The higher rates are the standard per minute rates. The lower rates are for phone usage within Shanghai
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