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When is the Best time to Visit Certain Places in Asia?

china travel guide 

It’s vital when thinking about visiting a continent like Asia that you research properly exactly when you intend to stay in certain countries because the weather conditions can change dramatically from one season to the next.

Read on for a brief rundown on when to visit and when to avoid the most popular countries in Asia. It’s also worth noting that if you find that freak weather is likely to hamper your plans to jet off to Asia at a particular time of the year then perhaps the Eurobookings website could help you to make alternative plans in a host of major cities like Berlin, London and Rome.

Hong Kong
Expect hot, wet summers and cool, dry winters in Hong Kong, which has a sub-tropical climate. Temperatures in spring and autumn can still reach a pleasant 27 or 28 degrees Celsius and between 14 and 20 in the winter. Summer in Hong Kong is not sweltering, but at around the early 30s is pretty warm so pack plenty of light, airy clothing.

Unless you can handle the intense heat and humidity of an Indian summer, travellers are probably best advised to wait until between October and February before they take in India. That’s because June, July and August are ridiculously hot months, while north-east India is too wet during this time as well.

Unlike many other Asian countries, Japan doesn’t really get hazardously hot. Temperatures in the summer rarely exceed 31 degrees Celsius and comfortably stay above 5 degrees in all but the most northerly regions throughout winter. Hot and humid summers are common in Japan and rainy season gets under way in June and ends in mid-July.

Different parts of Malaysia endure rainy seasons at different times of the year. For example, on the east coast and islands such as Tioman Island and Redang get monsoons between November and January. Sabah experiences monsoons between May and November and the Malaysian state of Sarawak on Borneo is wettest between October and March.

Temperatures in Thailand surge above 34 degrees Celsius between April and June and many tourists in general find the country too hot and too wet. Northern Thailand is hampered by the heat, which makes the southern regions and islands more comfortable in terms of temperatures and very popular. Monsoons tend to occur in Thailand from May to October.

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